Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Red Coaches - Composite work.

The Red Coaches, known by their livery, are one of the most demanded items for OO/HO scale. Whilst neither Bachmann or Hornby are quick in making their own, I've decided to go ahead with mine.

I have about 7 Bachmann Annie/Clarabel models I purchased in bulk. The reason for doing so is conversion projects, but I fancy a rake of 3 red coaches, with two composites and one brake. Using 3D printing, I was able to make a near accurate end for the coach, which simply glues on.

It's worth noting that you have to remove the face on the donor model, but it is worth it to get a flush surface. Another thing I've yet to do is modify the roofs, but I shall do this when I have all 3 done.

Hopefully I'll have the duckets and parts for the brake arrive soon, so I can start working on it. I'm rather impressed with how they have printed, as it's far neater than I could have done with plasticard.


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