Saturday, 8 October 2011

Churchill The 8F

"Ex-Turkish 2-8-0, now North Western Railway number 26, shown here after rebuild and restoration into British Railways livery, Crovans Gate Works 1985."

Yes, I finally got around to it. For what I am wanting to do however, I need two of these, one in this condition and one as a Turkish example. As can be seen, it's the older Hornby model. Reason being the smokebox door easily comes away allowing for a face to be fitted as needed.


Sunday, 2 October 2011

Possible Series - Test Shots

Okay, so I know that fan series, based around the whole Thomas franchise, are commonplace. I do fancy having a go at one, however if I did it would have to be a high standard, as I have become quite a perfectionist! A few test shots are just below, nothing special but certainly adjusting the camera right in order to film perhaps not whole episodes, but extracts, and with realistic versions of the characters opposed to the toy-like creations of the Television Series.