Saturday, 26 November 2011

Incomplete Projects

Well, everyone has them. In fact, some have a few more than others do. Then I'm sat writing this whilst documenting projects I have started and still have left to do, most of which could have been done ages ago.

Yet another project I started but never completed.

The loco you see above is one such project of mine, from back in 2009. It's one that never got completed, and as such it's sat in it's box, where it's been since applying that British Railways transfer. The pugs are one small design, of a plethora of variants, that I would like to model a reasonable number of. Caledonian, North British and Great Eastern ones are in the "wishlist", but other things are further ahead.

I've got several OO9 locos and coaches that need attention. For example, Duke is ready to paint apart from the fact I've yet to drill his spectacle plates out, which is due to a bad quality casting, something I'm not too happy with. Then I have a few other locos, most of which I'm not going to reveal until they're complete, which also need adjusting and painting. Sometimes I wish they were all ready to run and all I had to do was lay track.

I've got numerous items of rolling stock to repaint and modify. The list comprises of a rake of closed vans that will become "The Flying Kipper", 5 or 6 cattle vans to form a train, 18 open wagons to become generic types and a few coaches which need new parts building or modifying before they can be used.

To add to that, I'm partway through adding DCC to my locomotives, and whilst it's a great thing to have the cost of it is somewhat eyewatering, meaning anything that isn't used regularly will remain simply DC. I've also set a few chips so the locos will go backwards instead of forwards, which needs correcting soon.

Lastly, there is the fact I've started on toying with my camera filming in HD, which really captures the models well in motion. If anything, it's far superior to the last one I had, which could only record in a VGA resolution. Hopefully I'll have something worth showing on YouTube soon.

Enough of this, time to get back to work!


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