Saturday, 12 November 2011

Duke The Lost Engine - Work begins

This is one locomotive I've wanted to do for a long time, and as such, starts a whole new fleet of Narrow Gauge engines for a proposed layout I'm doing. Failing that, it'll make for a nice collection.

The kit itself is the Langley Models kit for the Larger Englands. Whilst not correct, it's as good as i'll be able to do Duke for now. Not a bad model, although the ammount of work needed on the parts is a bit of a pain. Considering kits sold for half the price are nowhere near as bad, i'm not looking forward to tackling any more Langely kits.

When I took these photos, I got a few people to check the running height. When they said it was sat too high on the chassis, it meant I had to drag the files out and remove a fair bit of plastic from the donor chassis.

Mine may have been a bad casting, but at least I got it to fit together. Now the task of filling gaps and drilling the spectacle plate draws nearer.


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