Sunday, 9 December 2012

Looking back, sorting things out and moving on

Well, I really need to get this off my chest, but as of late I've been lacking motivation to actually do much in the way of modelling. Having had the cost of converting my collection to DCC (£20 for a decent chip adds up when you're doing several locomotives) I've sold on a few items, including almost all of my OO9 items and a few others like the Jouef tank engine conversion. Along with this, I've also managed to get some room sorted for an actual layout so things look to be going up from here on.

Speaking of OO9, this doesn't mean I've quit Narrow Gauge. I'm merely going to scale up so I can get better detail, Skarloey and Duncan should be coming soon in the new year. It's not that OO9 is too small, it's just I want to actually have some models with decent chassis that I can rely on for long term running. The Ibertren I had under Skarloey has been replaced 3 times so far, and they don't come cheap!

One problem I've had is dwelling too hard upon the past. Even if someone has annoyed and/or upset me in the past, I've let it stick to me and get at me. Might as well just say I'm starting fresh for 2013 in terms of friends/enemies. There's just not a point in keeping up such immature petty hatred at the end of the day, something I wish I'd retrospectively realized at the time. If I've been nasty, harsh or downright rude to you, I am sorry.

So 2013 should be a good year after saying all that, along with Bachmann Duck I should get a good start at completing my desired collection. (TV series accurate models of all Characters seen between Seasons 1-5 and a few selected ones from other seasons.) Moving past that, I'll also be doing quite a few real locomotives and moving onto a few DJH, Agnoreia and other kits to keep myself busy.

Should be able to update soon!


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