Saturday, 10 December 2011

Skarloey Coaches - 1st Attempt

This project has been somewhat interesting for me, as it's how I am going to do Duck. Working with a friend, who fixed errors and such, I've been able to make myself custom bodies for coaches. So far, I've had one test sample done and delivered.

It's not much. Just a coach body and a roof for the vehicle. What makes it special is that it has been designed on a computer, using Google's brilliant sketchup. For a first trial with the software, it's worked well and is certainly a method I will be using again. If you are wondering how it compares to a normal Talyllyn coach, look closely at this picture and you'll see it's a good match, despite not aiming for a accurate model of the prototype.

I designed the coach to have a flat base, hidden by sideplates. Whilst this may seem lazy, it's just so I can use N gauge wagon chassis in order to improve running qualities when the coaches will be in fixed rakes. I've stuck to using Graham Farish chassis, simply for the metal wheelsets and the fact they are common over here.

Going by the rate I've been working at today, it should be complete bar couplings and buffers by tommorow. Hopefully that'll be the case, leading onto a rake of 5 or so.


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